Our thoughts/motive

Our thoughts and motive for the creation of this site.

We are a team consisting of different schools.

Two of our members attend an international school.

Some students in our school have experienced discrimination problems.


Whilst discussing the Black Lives Matter Movement last year in May, we addressed this problem to our other team member, who attends the same programming school as the other two members as well as attending a public prefectural high school in Japan. Our discussion made us realize the difference between the way we think about the problem of discrimination.


The difference in the ways of our thinking led us to research about racism.


With research, we found out that in Japan, there are many people who think that discrimination and racism is not a problem in Japan.


With this, we wanted people to understand that discrimination and racism is a problem in Japan.


Additionally, we realized that there are few websites and information that bring up/discuss the topic of racism in Japanese.


With this, we decided we wanted to create a website about racism that was easy to understand for high school students.


Through this site, we would like more high school students to understand the issue of discrimination as well as understanding the importance of knowing before speaking out about this problem.